Assembled Hydrogen/Oxygen Separator Cell

Assembled Hydrogen/Oxygen Separator Cell

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Separates water into its independent gases Hydrogen + Oxygen

NO explosive HHO gases

Use system to experiment with the beginning process of pure Hydrogen storage​​​​

​​316L 2 Plate 2-3 volts dc electrolysis cell expandable to any size cell stack or input voltage desired

No holes in plates creates a "Zero Current Leakage" design resulting in higher efficiency and lower operating temperatures.​​

External ​​manifold can be installed when more cell stacks are required

Assembled system will include a starter package of electrolyte and balanced reservoir

Purchase of assembled Separator Pod system will also come with free how to plans

Plan set features direct links to all the parts and hardware required to build

​​​​Included with plans will also be a pictorial tutorial with descriptions of how to build this design from start to finish

Plans will also include a printable compression plate drill guide which means no measuring needed to drill bolt holes. ​​

Plans will be sent 1-24 hours after purchase to the email address provided during checkout. Please allow 10-14 business days for shipment of a assembled system. ​​