Assembled Personal Hydrogen For Health System

Assembled Personal Hydrogen For Health System

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Personal Hydrogen and Oxygen gas generator system for health and medical purposes

Diffuse on-demand charged Hydrogen and Oxygen into your drinking water to relieve aches, pains, sores and inflammations

Localize or apply gas to wounds for speeding healing. Apply gas to aches and pains for fast relief. Remove or clear skin blemishes such as acne or wrinkles. 

System includes everything needed to get started: micro dry cell electrolyzer, 12v DC power supply, micro safety bubbler with flashback protection, activated carbon/cotton filter, output tubing and gas diffusion stone

Full instruction and recommendation manual included with purchase

Includes a data cd packed full of research reports, studies and​​ videos related to using hydrogen gas for therapeutic purposes

High efficient hydrogen generator dry cell with included lifetime warranty​​

Dimensions: 5" W, 9" H, 3" D

Power supply specifications: 120v AC to 12v DC @ 1-5 amperes, 50 watt maximum power input.
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