HHO/Hydroxy/Brown Gas Flashback Arrestor How To Plans

HHO/Hydroxy/Brown Gas Flashback Arrestor How To Plans

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Stop hundreds of flashbacks!

No bronze wool, sand, or air stone used in the construction!

Recommended for HHO / Hydroxy systems up to .5 - 4 liters per minute!

Features replaceable seal gaskets eliminating the need for thread seal tape or silicone when replacing hose barbs!

Install in either direction, not a one way design!

No need to wet the arrestor, recommended to use dry!

Maintenance free if instructions are followed!

Features a high strength chip resistant coating!

Your choice of the most common barb sizes!

Items are built by hand and as orders are placed. Please allow 1-3 business days after order is placed for shipment due to cure time and quality control. Orders will be shipped via USPS.

* It is also recommended to install a heavy duty one-way / check valve after the a​rrestor as an added safety measure. Your HHO system should be setup as follows: (HHO Cell, Reservoir, Safety Bubbler, Arrestor, Check Valve, Gas Exit Tube)

Plan set features a full How-To Pictorial Tutorial as well as direct purchase links for all the tools and parts needed to build this HHO Flashback Arrestor.

How-To Plans will be sent 1-24 hours after purchase to the email address provided during checkout .
​All measurments and parts are listed in U.S. Standard Units.