Assembled HHO/Oxyhydroygen Generator Washer Dry Cell

Assembled HHO/Oxyhydroygen Generator Washer Dry Cell

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No soldering, welding, gluing, or metal fabrication is necessary to build this hho / hydrogen generator dry cell!

Drill and drill press are the only power tools required to build!

Utilizes unmodified stainless steel washers as plates!

Complete listing and purchase links included for all the materials and tools needed!

Includes printable tension plate bolt hole guide which means no measuring needed when drilling bolt holes!

Picturial tutorial with descriptions of cell build from start to finish!​​
Perfect cell for science fairs or small scale mpg boosting experimentation!​

Link multiple cells together for increased production​​!

Designed for 12 - 14.5 volt dc power sources!​​

25-100 watt power rating​​​​!

Pre-assembled 25 plate design is setup as follows: (+NNNNN-)​​

3/8" hose barb adapters included with assembled cell!

FREE how-to plans included with assembled cell purchase!​​

Plans will be sent 1-24 hours after purchase to the email address provided dur​​ing checkout.  ​All measurements and parts are listed in U.S. Standard Units.

Please allow up to 10 business days for shipment of assembled cell orders.​​