The LIL Water Torch 2.0 Complete Kit Now Includes Multi-Tip Micro HHO Torch And 30 Amp Variable DC Power Supply

The LIL Water Torch 2.0 Complete Kit Now Includes Multi-Tip Micro HHO Torch And 30 Amp Variable DC Power Supply

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The LiL Water Torch 2.0 is the perfect HHO / Hydroxy / OxyHydrogen / Browns Gas micro torch that can be used by home hobbyist, craftsman, jewelers, plumbers, experimenters, ect. With a flame that can reach thousands of degrees you can easily solder, braze, cut, weld, melt, and fuse all sorts of metals, glass, and even stones.

​​​​All-in-one design features : 316L stainless steel 7 plate Zero Current Leakage(+nnnnn-) hydroxy dry cell, 1 quart water reservoir, condensation trap, two-stage safety gas bubbler, flashback arrestor, gas shutoff valve and heavy duty micro pen torch with multiple tips.  ​​All exterior hardware including the brackets are made of high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel. 

System complete and ready to use straight out of the box. Literally JUST ADD WATER. 

No holes in stainless steel plates creates a Zero Current Leakage design​​ which results in higher gas output efficiency levels as well as lower operating temperatures.

On demand hydrogen gas means that you will never need to transport or store compressed tanks of gas. Since water is used as the source of the hydrogen gas, you will only need to top the reservoir off with distilled water as needed. Burning of hydrogen gas emits no harmful fumes or compounds, in fact, the only by-product of burning hho fuel is simply, clean and pure water vapor. ​​

System can be directly installed in the trunk or interior of an automobile​​ for experimentation with mpg boosting of small engines. All components can also be easily removed to be installed in the engine bay if desired.

Power requirements: 12-14.5 Volts DC @ 5-15 amperes. 

​Electrical power can be derived from any 12-14.5 volt dc source including but not limited to: battery, automobile alternator, solar panel array, cb / ham radio power supply, and pc power supply. (Power supply should be rated at 250 watts or more) 

Full instruction set and electrolyte are included with the system.

Included AC to DC switching power supply specifications: 30 amp ​variable 5-16 volt dc (Allows user to adjust flame size and gas output with the turn of a dial). Built in voltage and current meter. Input voltage 110 AC or 220 AC. Short circuit protection, Voltage overload protection, Thermal overload protection. Compact and lightweight design.

Dimensions of assembled unit: ​​8" W, 15.5" H, 6" D 

​​​Gas Output: 60 Liters Per Hour @ 13.5 Volts DC @ 15 amperes.

Please allow up to 10-14 business days for shipment.